HashQuark Partners with PlatON on AppChain Operation

HashKey Cloud
2 min readOct 31, 2023


HashQuark, a world-leading blockchain node validation service provider, has reached a partnership with PlatON on AppChain operations. HashQuark is set to launch HashKey Cloud AppChain Infra, a dedicated infrastructure operation service designed specifically for AppChain.

The service allows users to engage in AppChain operations without the need for technical expertise or self-provisioning of hardware facilities. It offers a simple and user-friendly operation, providing a seamless experience in navigating and participating in AppChain.

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About HashQuark

HashQuark is a world-leading blockchain node validation service provider. As a core member of HashKey Group, we support most mainstream public chains with native node validation services and liquid node validation services. HashQuark is committed to providing safe and reliable services for global blockchain users and developers to promote the development and application of blockchain technology.

About PlatON

PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy-preserving computation as its technical feature. Initiated and promoted by LatticeX Foundation, PlatON aims to become a major blockchain platform in the era of Web 3. It secures stability and performance on a par with that of the financial system, and provides privacy-enhanced compliant digital asset management, multi-scenario encrypted payment and settlement solutions, as well as smooth and user-friendly experience for various types of Web3 native applications and applications/users migrating from Web2 to Web3.

About PlatON AppChain

PlatON-AppChain provides appchain extension standards with PlatON as the RootChain. It provides a universal, reliable, and standardized approach to address industry-specific challenges and enhance existing blockchain infrastructure, offering flexible, dependable, one-stop blockchain solutions tailored to different scenarios across industries. PlatON-AppChain helps implement Web3 applications and foster innovation and growth in the digital economy.



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