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5 min readNov 8, 2022


Injective has officially released Explorer V2 on October 28, 2022, which is more user-friendly than V1. Users can directly query assets, markets, cross-chain ecosystem and smart contract codes. The launch of Explorer V2 is a reflection of the project’s focus on practicality and overall transparency.

Injective Explorer V2:

1. Overview of Injective Explorer V2

The Explorer V2 neatly-designed as shown in Figure 1. Users can quickly query transactions, blocks or wallet addresses in the search box. At the same time, the interface displays the last ten blocks and ten transaction records in real time. Injective is quickly becoming one of the fastest blockchains in history, achieving one block per second. In Blocks, the block generation time, block validator and the number of transactions included can be displayed. In Transactions, transaction hash, transaction type, block height and time information can be displayed. Click Validators in the lower right corner of the page you can jump to the staking interface, which is convenient for users to obtain staking benefits.

In addition, Explorer V2 also includes five parts: block, transaction, contract, code, market and asset. Each component presents a different set of information and data.

Figure 1: Overview of Injective Explorer V2

2. Detailed Explanation of Injective Explorer V2's Innovation

2.1 Contract

Injective Hub has already supported CosmWasm smart contracts written in Rust. You can view the deployed smart contracts by clicking Contact as shown in Figure 2. This interface displays the contract name/type, contract address, transaction hash of the deployed contract, creator address, contract execution times, contract creation time, and contract last execution time.

Figure 2: Deployed Smart Contract

You can query the contract details by clicking the contract name. Compared with the Contract overview interface, the content of InitMsg is newly added. It is the parameter content passed in by the initialization function when deploying contract.

Figure 3: Detailed Explanation of Smart Contracts

2.2 Code

For CosmWasm, there are few smart contract developers and its smart contract loopholes is serious. The Injective Hub runs WebAssembly (WASM) code templates developers uploaded that implement specific functionality. Developers can implement the required functions by instantiating characteristic code modules to complete smart contract development. This smart contract development mode lowers the difficulty of contract development, reduces smart contract deployment costs and the risk of being attacked.

CosmWasm smart contract developers can view the uploaded WebAssembly (WASM) code templates through Code. Injective Explorer V2 displays information such as Wasm code ID, upload transaction Hash, creator address, type, version, instantiation times, and creation time as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Uploaded Code

2.3 Markets

The Market page shows all the financial markets launched on the Injective blockchain. Users can access these markets through institutional-grade APIs or numerous dApps built on Injective. In Markets Info, the name of the market, type, price, and 24-hour trading volume are displayed.

Figure 5 Markets Info

In the Real-Time Funding Rate interface, the type of Perpetual Contract, the time for a next settlement, estimated funding rate and hourly interest rate are displayed.

Figure 6 Real-Time Funding Rate

In order to facilitate users to make trading decisions based on historical data, the Funding Rate of different trading pairs in the last 12 or 24 hours is displayed in the Funding Rate History as shown in Figure 7. Funding Rate History illustrates how the funding rate for each marketplace on Injective has changed over time. Users could not only get a graphical view of funding rates, but also a comprehensive segments of funding rates since the inception of a particular market.

Figure 7: Funding Rate History

The Trading Rules shows the pending and taker fees for different trading pairs in Injective. To make the market more liquid, many markets in Injective support rebates on pending order fees to allow traders to profit every time a maker order is placed.

Figure 8: Trading Rate

2.4 Assets

The Assets interface displays the prices, lock-up quantities and lock-up values of various assets supported by Injective as shown in Figure 9. As Injective is an L1 blockchain developed by Cosmos SDK that supports smart contracts, and uses Bridged to achieve cross-chain with Ethereum assets, Injective supports different types of assets.

Figure 9 Assets

3. Injective Explorer V2 vs other Explorers

The launch of Injective Explorer V2 brings quite a surprise to users especially in the relatively mature Explorer market. In addition to the concise and practical interface, such a suprise is also inseparable from a clear product positioning. The function display of Mintscan Explorer is inclined to Staking service providers and Delegate users, while Injective Explorer V2 is more inclined to derivatives trading users on the basis of taking into account the original user groups. To sum up, Injective Explorer V2 is a complement to the original Explorer products, not a replacement.



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