Introducing HashQuark, an Active Node Validator on Dfinity

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3 min readJul 18, 2023

HashQuark, Web3 infrastructure provider, has officially become a node provider for Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) at Dfinity, and is proud to support Dfinity with industry-leading high-performance blockchain infrastructure!

HashQuark has been active in joining the Dfinity ecosystem as a node validator from the beginning as we share the same philosophy for a resilient and innovative ICP that is full of possibilities. The cooperation will enable us to jointly build a robust ecosystem that meets the needs of various stakers and leverage our mutual strengths to finally drive the continued success of the Dfinity ecosystem!

The Internet Computer is a general-purpose blockchain that hosts canister smart contracts and is designed to provide a World Computer that can replace traditional IT and host a new generation of Web3 services and applications that run solely from the blockchain.

The infrastructure is a fundamental component for blockchains. A decentralized validator set is built on high-quality nodes. These nodes serve as the basis for developers and delegators to create their decentralized applications. Node providers are the backbone of decentralized networks like ICP.

As a node provider, HashQuark will be responsible for running and maintaining nodes on the Internet Computer Protocol, ensuring that the network remains secure, stable, and performant.

We look forward to a long-standing and fruitful future with Dfinity, contributing Internet Computer (IC) enabling infrastructure-related blockchain technologies and delivering value for its community. We hope to accelerate global adoption of the ICP, push the boundaries and scale bilateral ecosystems together with Dfinity”, said HashQuark CEO.

In all, HashQuark is pleased to join the Dfinity ecosystem as an ICP node validator. We are looking forward to pushing it forward! Stay tuned!

About HashQuark

HashQuark is the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure service provider, providing full-stack infrastructure services from staking to DID. We support classic staking services for most of the mainstream public chains including Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, and Klaytn, as well as compliant liquid staking services. Our DID product has 1,000,000+ generated addresses and supports multiple public chain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn. In addition, we offer lightning network services. HashQuark is now covering the Asian, European, and American markets and is a core member of the HashKey Group.

About Dfinity

Our mission is to develop and contribute technology that enables the Internet Computer (IC) blockchain and its ecosystem. It is powered by new “chain key cryptography” that allows it to run at web speed with efficiency that is many orders of magnitude improved, for smart contracts to serve web directly to end users, and for on-chain compute to scale without bound — allowing mass market web3 services to run entirely on-chain, and for blockchain to become an alternative to traditional IT, such as cloud services. The IC is governed and updated by the Network Nervous System (NNS), a protocol-integrated DAO that decides using liquid democracy. Supporting the mission are more than 200 world-renowned scientists and engineers specializing in cryptography, distributed systems, execution environments, language programing and more.



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