WONDER 16 HashQuark joins WONDER Staking

HashKey Cloud
Aug 31, 2023

HashQuark, which joined the 40 WONDERS WEMIX3.0 Mainnet’s NCP as WONDER 16, has now also joined the WONDER Staking.

Announcement on HashQuark joining NCP as WONDER 16:


HashQuark is a Web3 infrastructure service provider founded by HashKey Group, Asia’s leading end-to-end FinTech and digital asset finance house. HashQuark acts as a validator of various public chains based on mechanisms such as PoS(Proof of Stake) and DPoS(Delegated Proof of Stake), while also providing Staking services to regular investors and institutions.

[What is WONDER Staking?]

  • WONDER Staking is a DeFi service which users select an NCP node and stake WEMIX to earn rewards.
  • Users can participate in WONDER Staking at the WEMIX.Fi official website (https://wemix.fi/staking/wonder).

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